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Welcome to the Czech Republic

The availability and choice of gluten-free products in the Czech Republic is steadily improving. It is no more a problem to spend holidays in Prague and other bigger cities without being stressed about your diet! Our website is here to help you.

For some other regions, we recommend you to bring a small supply of GF products for the first hours or days as there are fewer shops in the country and small towns, but the situation is always easy to manage if you are well informed. And that is the reason why we come up with these pages.

General Advice on GF Shopping

  • You can find the best choice of GF products either in special shops or in supermarkets.
  • There is no chain of health food shops (like Reformhaus in Germany and some other countries) but the chain of chemist's called dm (drogerie-markt) has recently started to sell basic gluten-free foods, such as bread, pasta, biscuits.
  • The health food shops usually have the words Natural, Bio, Racio, Zdravá výživa in their name. Shops with special dietary food are usually called Dietní potraviny.
  • For more information please see „Shops“ or click here

General Information on Eating in Restaurants

  • Typical Czech cuisine is not very „coeliac-friendly“. Wheat flour is often added to soups and sauces and even most vegetable dishes are thickened with flour. Many typical Czech dishes are served with dumplings. See Recipes.
  • Unfortunately, there are only few restaurants in Prague advertising GF meals at the moment. In any restaurant, it is better to ask for help (You can use our „restaurant card“). If you explain your situation clearly, the staff is usually very understanding and helpful. Of yourse, it depends on the person and the restaurant. There is no problem to find at least few GF dishes on the menu, e.g. grilled meat or fish with potato or rice. However, please bear in mind that people without a more frequent contact with people intolerant to gluten sometimes don't realise that gluten has so many diguises and it is advisable to double-check and ask if in doubt.
  • Besides typical Czech restaurants you can find many restaurants specializing in other national cuisines, e.g. Italian, Chinese, Greek, Mexican etc. There is a rather dense network of McDonald's, where you can get anytime at least chips and salad (please check in the restaurant).
  • Please note: the given list of restaurants is without any guarantee. It consists of tips from our members. The quality of services for coeliacs in these restaurants may change as it mostly depends on „the human factor“.

Restaurant Card

In a restaurant, you can use this text to explain your needs:

Mám celiakii a dodržuji bezlepkovou dietu, a proto nemohu jíst jídla, která obsahují tyto obiloviny a výrobky z nich: pšenici, žito, ječmen , oves nebo špaldu. Můj organismus reaguje na lepek velmi negativně a po případném požití i malého množství těchto obilovin mi hrozí zdravotní obtíže.

Máte prosím na jídelním lístku jídlo, které by bylo pro mne vhodné, nebo můžete připravit moji porci bez zmíněných obilovin (např. bez omáčky nebo osmažit maso bez obalení), případně místo nich použít mouku či škrob z kukuřice, rýže, jáhel, pohanky či brambor?

Děkuji Vám.

I am a coeliac and I only eat gluten-free. Therefore, I cannot eat dishes that contain the following cereals and derived products: wheat, rye, barley, oats or spelt. My organism develops a very unpleasant reaction if I consume even a small quantity of these cereals and I would have grave health problems.

Are there any dishes on your menu without these ingredients? Could you possibly prepare a meal without the cereals mentioned above (you could for instance, refrain from adding sauce or frying my portion of meat with wheat flour and breadcrumbs ) or could you use some other cereals, like maize, rice, millet, buckwheat or potato flour, instead?

Thank you.

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